Arts ‘n Smarts makes it fun and easy for you to spend quality time with your child while developing a love of reading and learning before they start school.


We have a number of packages to suit your preferences and budget.

Just Smarts Package

This package is designed to help your child build essential skills before starting school.

The program starts with 8 simple sheets that are based on the month’s theme. As your child’s confidence and learning stamina develops while moving through the program, more sheets will be added to maintain interest and challenge your child, building to 24 sheets per month!

Each new month will build on concepts learnt in the previous month by recapping main skills to reduce frustration, ensuring that the transition to learning new concepts is as smooth as possible.

All sheets are based on the latest Australian curriculum documents and are adapted for little learners!


Just Arts Package

The ‘Just Arts’ package takes ALL the pain out of creating fun projects with your child. Every month, you will receive a box containing all the materials and instructions to create fun art and craft projects with your child. What’s more, these projects are specifically designed to help your child learn essential literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and interactive way.

Finding suitable activities that your child will love can be difficult and finding craft materials for your project can be time consuming, costly and wasteful. Make crafting and spending quality time with your child a regular part of your monthly schedule without the hassle.


Arts and Smarts Package

This package contains everything you need to spend quality time with your child, while developing their interest in reading and learning.

What’s in a box?

1. Picture story book

Every month, receive a picture story book based on a specific theme

2. Materials and instructions for craft activities.

All the instructions and materials to create 2 related educational craft activities to bond, develop reading comprehension skills and early literacy and numeracy skills with your child

3. Related science activity

Instructions (& any dry ingredients) for a related science activity using household items

4. Fun learning sheets

Help your child develop essential skills with the included fun sheets. Receive 4 literacy and 4 numeracy sheets which form part of a wider program. These sheets will progressively get more challenging as the program develops with more sheets added over time to a maximum of 12 literacy and 12 numeracy sheets! Each activity is also linked to the latest Australian curriculum documents.


BONUS 1: Arts ‘n Smarts natural cotton library backpack to store excess materials.

BONUS 2: Stationery pack containing scissors, crayons/ pencils, glue, paint brush

BONUS 2: Australia-wide delivery to your door.

BONUS 3: ‘I can read’ bookmark to guide your child while they are learning to read.


Choose your subscription level

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Level Price  
Just Smarts $39.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment will cost $39.00. Select
Just Arts $49.00 now and then $49.00 per Month for 12 more Months. After your initial payment, your first payment will cost $49.00. Select
Arts and Smarts $79.00 now and then $79.00 per Month for 12 more Months. After your initial payment, your first payment will cost $79.00. Select