Develop your child’s interest in learning


Congratulations on selecting the ‘Just Smarts’ package!

This package is designed to help your child build essential skills before starting school.

The program starts with 8 simple sheets that are based on the month’s theme. As your child’s confidence and learning stamina develops while moving through the program, more sheets will be added to maintain interest and challenge your child, building to 24 sheets per month!

Each new month will build on concepts learnt in the previous month by recapping main skills to reduce frustration, ensuring that the transition to learning new concepts is as smooth as possible.

All sheets are based on the latest Australian curriculum documents and are adapted for little learners!

Purchase a 12 month subscription and get 1 month FREE!

Level Description Price Save
Month to month $39.00 now and then $39.00 per month for 11 more months. Cancel anytime. $39 Select
12 month $429 now with no more to pay $429 $39 Select