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How To Make Puffy Paint!

Puffy paint is one of the simplest (and funnest!) activities you could do with your child. You are likely to have the ingredients in your pantry, your child can get involved in making the paint, and you can get started in no time at all.


Materials (in order needed):

1 tablespoon self raising flour

1 tablespoon salt

8 teaspoons water

Egg carton or other container to separate different paint colours.

Paint brush

Food colouring (various colours although we like making the primary colours red, yellow and blue so we can use these colours to make other colours)

Thick cardboard cut into A5 pieces or into pieces small enough to fit into a microwave. Thick cardboard is required for this activity as regular paper or thinner card tends to curl.



Step 1: Have your child measure and count out the spoonfuls of flour, salt and water. Mix together until a paste is formed.

Step 2: Divide the mixture according to the number of different colours you have.

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Step 3: Put a few drops of food colouring into each portion of the mixture.

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Step 4: Use the tip of the paintbrush to mix each colour together.

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Step 5: Start painting!

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Step 6: Once your child finishes painting, place a microwavable dish in the microwave and put each painting one at a time on top. It took our microwave 30 seconds to make the paint on each picture puff up, however, please note that different microwaves take different times to get the desired result.

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And there you have it. Easy puffy painting activity that your kids will love. It stimulated creativity (the first picture was Annabelle’s ideal playground – lots of grass and four slides coming down from a mountain), encouraged self expression, promoted communication, and it was exciting to touch the puffy bumps when each work of art emerged from the microwave!

Tip: paint pictures with extra thick paint so they come out extra puffy!

This is a must do activity for toddlers. We kept painting until all the puffy paint ran out.


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