4 Great Reasons To Subscribe To Arts n Smarts

  • 1: Design

    1: Design

    Fun craft projects and related learning materials are specifically designed around the themes in the included picture story book to help your child develop essential literacy and numeracy skills.

  • 2: Sign up

    2: Sign up

    You can sign up to receive these projects every month or in a single box. All boxes form part of a wider educational program that progressively gets more challenging to develop and maintain interest.

  • 3: Receive

    3: Receive

    Your child will love getting mail each month! They will receive a new box with a book and all the related instructions and materials to make it as easy as possible to develop your child’s interest in learning!

  • 4: Connect

    4: Connect

    By connecting with your child through fun learning experiences, you are giving them the best chance to succeed by helping them develop a positive attitude towards learning that will remain with them for life

My Story

    When my daughter Annabelle was 3, I noticed that she showed a strong interest in learning. She could hold her pencil with a tripod grip and pretended to write her name and read books (even though at times the books were upside down!)

    I knew I had to take advantage of this interest.

    It’s been found that 85% of your brain is developed before the age of 5 so it was important that I provide positive associations with learning in these critical years so she is confident before she starts school. Additionally, as the cofounder of Spectrum Tuition, an education company that I’ve been running since 2001, I’ve witnessed what can happen when a child starts school on the wrong foot. They often have negative associations with school, have low self esteem, find it difficult to catch up, and this often has a detrimental effect not only on their education but overall attitude towards learning. Alarmingly, it’s been found that 4 out of every 10 children are not ready for school when they begin. Let that sink in. Nearly half of the children who start school do not have the adequate skills to actively participate in class.

    I carefully sequenced lessons and activities for Annabelle and it grew into a passion. Each topic and skill built carefully on from the preceding topic. They were carefully tested and tweaked for ability, enjoyment and ease of use, and in front of my eyes, her confidence and abilities flourished. Through high interest picture story books based on a specific theme, her vocabulary and communication skills grew, as well as her interest and curiosity for the subjects. We bonded and communicated through the related arts and craft activities, also thoroughly tested and which also taught important skills in literacy, numeracy and science through games that we pulled out again and again. These skills were reinforced through fun learning sheets which are also linked to the latest Australian curriculum documents.

    I feel very lucky to have developed the program while Annabelle was going through her own learning journey, and I’m confident that it’s due to this multi-disciplinary and creative approach that she is flourishing. Through the Arts ‘n Smarts program, my daughter can:

    – write and spell her full name

    – recite the alphabet, put letters in alphabetical order and write her letters

    – identify all letter sounds

    – sound out and read simple unfamiliar words

    – count, add, subtract and count on

    – spell simple words using her knowledge of phonics

    All our activities are linked to the Australian curriculum documents so you can be assured that your child will already be ahead before they have even started school.

    Annabelle loves learning and as a parent, that’s the best that I can hope for.

    I’m so thrilled about being able to provide an alternative to enrolling your children into expensive and largely ineffective toddler tutoring programs that provide drill sheets and do not foster creativity or a love of reading. You have a month’s worth of learning materials delivered to your door containing a book and activities that are educationally focused to help prepare your child for school.

    If you’d like to discuss whether your child would be suited to the Arts ‘n Smarts program, please contact us for free on 1800 668 177 or email customercare@artsnsmarts.com.

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    Happy exploring!